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  • Emma Rose Collingridge

I decided to start a blog?!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Firstly, hello and welcome to my little piece of the internet!

I'm Emma, a twenty-one-year-old English student currently taking a year away from University to, what some might call, "find myself".

As briefly mentioned in my About Me page, starting a blog has been an aspiration of mine for a couple of years now and one that I was determined to see through before the end of this year - she says writing this post in mid-December ... better late than never hey?!

But why start a blog and why now?

Well ...

I find myself at that point in every twenty-something-year-olds life where we are repeatedly asked by family, friends and even the occasional absolute stranger some version of the following question - "So, what are your plans for your life?"

Over time and having been asked this stress inducing question a frustrating number of times, I began to dwell on it ... alot! If I had a £1 for every time someone has asked me that question this year, I would almost certainly be a millionaire, but each day I tried to come up with an answer I became even more clueless than I seemed to be the day before.

I became so trapped inside of my own head and increasingly overwhelmed and stressed by my lack of direction that I grew envious of those who seemingly had their whole life mapped out before them. As a result, I felt so lost and out of control of my own.

Having worked myself into a complete and utter downward spiral , feeling like I had no one to talk to that could possibly relate to how I was feeling, I turned once again to the notes in my phone to offload my worries and transformed it from mundane to-do lists to a source of my emotional outlet. I began documenting my life as I journeyed through adulthood, the day to day conundrums and the waves of emotion that inevitably ensued, and one day a moment of clarity set everything in motion.

As a lover of writing and frequent agony aunt to friends and family members, starting a blog seemed to make sense and has been a goal that I have wanted to fulfil for a while now, but a lack of courage had previously always stopped me. The thought of putting myself "out there" in such a personal, public way scared me and it took me a while to be able to find strength amidst the vulnerablity caused by being so open and honest about my life behind the scenes.

2019 has by no means been a kind year to me. The curveballs that had been thrown my way began to take over and "what ifs" ran rampage in my brain. But one day I decided enough was enough. What if starting this blog would not only help to bring clarity to my thoughts but help others along the way?

And so, after much humming and haring, toing and froing, and many a stern conversation with myself in the mirror - I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and here we are!

I suppose I'm quite a closed book and not many people know an awful lot about me. Hopefully this blog will enable people to see a different side to me, to understand what I think, what I'm passionate about, what I've experienced and how that has shaped me into the person I am today, whilst hopefully helping others along the way.

Most of my writing has never seen the light of day ... until now. This blog will provide the words in my head the attention they deserve and so, as I navigate my twenties I thought I'd bring you along with me.

I hope that by sharing the highs, the lows and the things I wish I'd have known in my life that you can take something away, whether it be new-found knowledge, inspiration or motivation and use in your own life.

For now, I hope you enjoy my blog - Happy Reading!

With love,

Emma xx

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